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Are your posts subjected to peer review before being published here?
Unlike conventional journal publishing, which follows the important validation process that comes from both editorial and peer review, blogs typically relinquish some of that pre-screening in favor of speed and collaborative exploration. (I say "some" in the prior sentence as I generally subject my postings to the informal review and critique of one or more trusted colleagues prior to their publication here.) Unlike journal articles, which are typically the culmination of an author's substantial work and writing over an extended period of time, blog postings tend to be more tentative presentations and in earlier stages of their evolution. The main peer-review begins after the blog is posted.
Postings here, as on many blogs, are meant to be provokers of reaction and deliberation. They are not meant to serve as definitive or final declarations. Unlike readers of professional journal articles, visitors to blogs don't have the assurance offered by formal pre-screening. But readers of blogs have much more of an opportunity to offer their judgments about, and reactions to, what they read.
The interactive character of blogs is an expression of a profound change now underway in the evolution of human understanding and expertise. It is the character and promise of "Web 2.0." The potential of this blog, like most others, will only be realized if enough people find my postings worthy of their reflection and commentary. Please consider this an invitation to linger on this site, to return to it often, and to offer all of us the benefit of your comments, as explained in the FAQ on how to offer comments.
  Hill Jason 
Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD

First posted on 9/17/08


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