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May I submit questions for advice on my teaching?
Yes, questions about your teaching, or about teaching in general, are most welcome. Please post any questions you have in the spaces provided for comments, in whatever context (topic area) seems most appropriate. Or, if you would rather keep your question private, send it to me, by email. Although I promise to read and give serious consideration to all publicly and privately conveyed questions, I cannot promise to provide individual replies. I do promise that all such questions will be taken into consideration in postings that I offer in the future.
   For all publicly conveyed questions, I encourage other visitors to reply, and even generate an ongoing conversation about the topic introduced by the question. 
(You may recognize that I'm trying to simulate the functions of a web-based Forum. Unfortunately, at this time, the resources available to us don't support our offering an actual Forum. If that capability becomes available, we will add it to this site.)

  Hill Jason 
Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD

First posted on 9/17/08


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