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Will others be contributing essays to this site?
Contributions of posts by others aren't planned at this time, but I've included links to other web sites that I think offer helpful information and resources related to our central themes: enhancing the quality and humanizing the process of education in medicine (and the other health professions). I'm certainly not ruling out the possibility of inviting others to contribute essays to this site in the future.
Also, many other people have contributed to the ideas offered on this site, through their research, writing and personal influence. I try to link to the related work of others and I'll continue to add relevant links as I learn about them. You and everyone with an interest in these topics are encouraged to contribute comments on my postings and on other people's comments. 
Finally, I encourage you to please:
  • share with us links to relevant documents you or others have written that you consider relevant to the themes and sub-themes here
  • offer any advice you can about any aspect of this blog that will help enhance its value.
Many thanks,
  Hill Jason 
Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD
First posted on 9/10/08


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