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Who are you? Why should I care what you say?
Appropriate questions. I can easily tell you who I am, and I will do so shortly. As to your second question, that's not as easy. I have long worried that we academics tend to pay more attention to the source than to the force of arguments.* We are inclined toward checking people's titles before deciding if we should bother listening to what they say. I invite you to consider doing the reverse here (and elsewhere). I encourage you to take a little time to scan the titles of my essays. If any titles kindle your curiosity, I hope my writing will succeed in speaking to you, generating your own reflections, questions, even refinements of your own thinking. I hope that the questions and ideas I've assembled on this site will stand on their own. If you are still curious about my "right" to be offering the observations I present here (or if you are interested in knowing more about me for any reason), please jump to this brief biography. or, if you have the stomach for it, please request a copy of my full, conventional, academic curriculum vitae by sending me an email message .
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* A variation on this thought: "People will accept your ideas much more rapidly if you tell them Benjamin Franklin said it first."  (David Comins)
   Hill Jason
First posted on 9/15/08


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