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Will this blog be a money-maker? If not, why are you developing and providing this blog?
Actually, this site is not only not a money-maker, it is a non-trivial personal expense. It is not now, and won't be, a source of revenue for me or anyone else. To avoid the risk of being constrained by any sponsor's policies or sensibilities, I've decided not to accept any advertising or to seek any institutional or grant support, To avoid any risk that something I include in this blog could be a source of awkwardness for our university, I'm paying an outside site for hosting, rather than ask for hosting at my university. I know that some of what I plan to say in this blog will be regarded as controversial in some quarters. I want my only constraints to be the available evidence and the best available thinking on the issues that I regard as needing to be considered.
I’m at the stage of my life and career where the possibility of making a worthy contribution is far more important to me than generating income. I care deeply about the ways in which learners and patients are treated. I've spent more than a half century trying to enhance and humanize those processes and hope that this site will add a step toward fulfilling those goals.
  Hill Jason 
Hilliard Jason, MD, EdD
First posted on 9/17/08


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